The purpose of the DKP Airdrops are to allow players to adventure in at no cost to the player initially. 30,000 DKP will cover the costs to create a team and equip them. DKP will be periodically airdropped to holders at different rates.

All airdrop form submissions will be REMOVED after each airdrop has been completed. It is up to the player to reapply using the form below after the end of each airdrop. The next scheduled airdrop will be zero tolerance. Please verify your form submission by using CTRL + F and copy/paste the XRP address submitted in this link below:

Airdrop Dates

February 25, 2022 Snapshot date

30,000 DKP with an additional 1:1 ratio DKP airdrop. Future snapshot dates will be posted on the website.

Any remaining DKP left in the 25 billion airdrop pool will be dropped in the future at a TBD date.

Airdrop Requirements

To be eligible for the airdrop please complete the following tasks:

Set up a trustline with the following address:


To receive the DKP airdrop, the player’s XRP wallet must be set up with the above trustline and it must hold 500 XRP. The 500 XRP WILL NOT be deducted from your account; this is simply for verification purposes, but must be present during each snapshot.

February 25th Airdrop Sign up Sheet