What is DragonKill?

DragonKill is a Turn Based Strategy MMO single player game with multiplayer aspects. A marketplace that players can trade Items and characters with one another. Arena once a month which is optional. Hardcore dungeon crawls solo or with friends.


Once a month players sign up for an arena, which is tournament style. Players go head-to-head and winner takes all with a unique prize every month. Dying in the Arena results in character deletion.


DKP will be a reward from every aspect of the game. Players can use DKP in game to purchase items and characters from NPCs or other players. At anytime players can convert DKP into XRP and do whatever they like with it.

Will NFT’s play a role in Dragonkill?

We plan on creating our own unique NFT’s for DragonKill as well as hosting some NFT’s that already exist.


Xumm is an XRP digital wallet and it is the direct bridge to buy or sell DKP.



DKP is the currency for the game world of DragonKill. DKP is a token built on the XRP ledger that is incredibly fast and has very low fees.

Gaming Engine

Dragonkill will be running on the Unity engine.



Come chat with us if you have any other questions!

How do I buy DKP?

Currently the Sologenic DEX is the main place to buy the token but we’re working towards getting listed on the Bitrue exchange.

Sologenic Dex