Dragonkill Beta Sign up


January 2024Convert current game town to new static town
Steps to AchieveCode npcs in town to interact with player
Steps to achieveFinish crafting for all 6 tradeskills
Steps to achieveCreate player movement in town
Steps to achieveMake all buildings operational
February 2024Finish Gathering system
 Steps to achieveCreate Gathering Zones
 Steps to achieveCreate gathering animations and UI to interact with nodes
 Steps to achieveCode gathering levels, equipment and experience
 Steps to achieveDesign supply and demand values for different resources
March 2024Finish characters
 Steps to achieveFinish character animations
 Steps to achieveFinish character spells
 Steps to achieveFinish character faces
 Steps to achieveFinish tactician spells
April 2024Implement player Housing
 Steps to achieveCode selling of goods
 Steps to achieveCode passive income from housing
 Steps to achieveCode trophies into houses
 Steps to achieveCode building and editing of structures
May 2024Expand the game library
 Steps to achieveCreate 25 new weapons and items
 Steps to achievecreate 10 new zones
 Steps to achievecreate at least 25 new quests
 Steps to achievecreate 100 new pieces of armor
June 2024create 2 more character classes
 Steps to achieveDesign new spells and core utility
 Steps to achievecode new spells
 Steps to achievetest and adjust for balancing
 Steps to achievedesign quest to unlock new class
July 2024Polish and fix most bugs
 Steps to achievePlay the game in its entirety trying to break what was intended
 Steps to achieveperform reproductions of bugs to solve whats wrong
 Steps to achieveFix the code killing the bugs
 Steps to achieve 
August 2024Create outposts for players to take over
 Steps to achieveDesign PVP and PVE outposts
 Steps to achieveDraw maps for outposts and implement into game
 Steps to achieveCode outpost combat into game
 Steps to achieveDesign and code outpost bonuses to players
September 2024Build the pvp arena
 Steps to achieveTest and balance PVP
 Steps to achievecode mechanism to toggle pvp on and off
 Steps to achievedesign tournaments for arena and code a ranking system
 Steps to achievecreate multiple pvp arena maps
October 2024Official final Beta Launch
 Steps to achieveCreate leadersboard
 Steps to achieveadvertising – live streaming etc
 Steps to achievenetworking
 Steps to achieveupdate and revamp server settings and code
November 2024Stress testing
 Steps to achieveBug testing
 Steps to achieveBalance changes
 Steps to achievePushing the server bandwidth to its limit
December 2024Polishing
 Steps to achieveAdvertising
 Steps to achieveBug testing
 Steps to achievebalance changes
January 2025Launch